Inspire more admissions, enhance the student experience, and keep your alumni engaged.

Save time with automated emails and text messages.

Set up simple automations to efficiently update your contacts’ information, enrollment stages, and statuses. Then trigger reminder campaigns or direct mail pieces to inspire interest, and automatically send welcome emails to greet new enrollees.

Spend time on your most engaged subscribers to increase enrollment.

As you track your subscriber’s activity and their engagement score rises, you can automatically inform your enrollment or admissions of who’s more interested so every follow-up and call is perfectly timed.

Multiple departments, one consistent look.

Using Delivra across various departments is not only easy—it’s also effective. And account admins have the ability to lock templates to make sure branding, colors, styles, and footer information stays the same, so you’ll know every email moves your brand forward.

We’re here from day one—no textbooks necessary.

Switching to a new email platform is intimidating. But with dedicated account managers, personalized onboarding, and some of the greatest team members in the world, we’re looking forward to helping you succeed long after your first day.

"Delivra has the features and the functionality and still maintains a reasonably-priced product. I’ve used many other email platforms and Delivra is so easy to use! We’re thrilled we made the switch."

Tori Kincaid, Manager of Digital Media Marian University Indianapolis

Get more out of your time spent on email.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to send more effective campaigns while spending less time. And we’d love to prove it to you.